Pushpa Sadanah Swaroop, MBBS, DRM, DMRT, MSc Nuclear Medicine

Honorary Chair

Born in Ghazibaad, India, to a devout and generous Sikh family, Pushpa Swaroop had a very simple and happy childhood as the youngest daughter of a businessman father and a home-making mother. She used to attend the children’s group at Birla House where Mahatma Gandhi would sit and chat with the children and explain the Freedom Fight. Pushpa on occasion went with her elder sister to rallies and processions with Gandhiji.

In 1941, the family moved to New Delhi and Pushpa completed her higher secondary and college/premedical. She received her bachelor of medicine (MBBS) from Christian Medical College (CMC) Punjab in Ludihana, as well as her internship. She then moved back to New Delhi, where she completed her house job in 1962 in obstetrics and gynecology at Victoria Zanana Hosptial, now known as Kasturba Gandhi Hospital.

Dr. Swaroop then went into general practice for a year at the Employees State Insurance OPD Clinics while applying for and then joining a program in Radiation Medicine at Delhi University, where she received her Diploma in Radiation Medicine (DRM) in 1964. She then went to the Central Government Health Services (CGHS) to continue her OPD clinic and simultaneously joined the radiotherapy department at Safdurjang Hospital to complete her Diploma in Medical Radiation Therapy (DMRT).

In 1971, she decided to travel to London, England, to pursue a master’s degree in nuclear medicine at the Royal Marsden Hospital affiliated with London University. She was part of the second batch of students who had been offered this course. Later, she returned to Safdurjang Hospital to become the Head of the Department of nuclear medicine.

She then married BN Swaroop in 1973, then took a locums position at the Royal Marsden Hospital in the department of nuclear medicine and repeated her house job at Midland in London for 6 months to attain full registration in the United Kingdom as a physician. She next joined the nuclear medicine department at Mt. Vernon Hospital under the mentorship of Dr. Dickson and Dr. Strickland. During the evenings, she pursued family planning courses and then held family planning clinics for women. She continued till her daughter, Mamta, was born in October of 1977.

She traveled with her husband to Libya, India, and then finally the United States, where they settled in Houston, Texas. She decided against pursuing the medical profession, as this would have forced her to repeat her entire residency and split the family. She became a Professor at the Houston Community College in 1992, teaching anatomy and physiology. This allowed her the flexibility to raise her daughter and still be associated with the career path she loved. She retired from teaching in 2006. She currently lives in Houston with her husband.